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Casino chip grade poker irs gambling audit

Which, I ironically, I may need to do! Another thing I liked about them is caino they sell packs of 50 chips on Amazon, just in case you lose some or want to expand. OK, wait for it.

Essentially, there are two classes of chips to be considered. The premier chip is the chjp casino grade chip and the other alternative is the low cost 'home game' chip. Casino Grade chips are further divided into 2 categories; clay and clay composite. Both generally weigh between 9 and The discerning or professional player considers clay chips the most desirous chips.

These compression-molded chips are the standard for the vast majority of casinos worldwide. Both the composition of clay chips and their manufacturing process are highly guarded industry secrets. In addition, cbip are a very labor-intensive product. Both of these factors contribute to their higher cost. The second casino casuno chip is the clay composite chip.

These chips are injection molded. Chipco and Kardwell are the two primary manufactures of this style chip and both firms manufacture their chips in the USA. NJ utilizes a chi; feeling substance, giving their chip a clay sound and feel while Chipco's chip is a more 'cold' ceramic material.

The major advantage these chips have over their clay counterpart is their ability to grqde full-face graphics. Although the clay chip has been the industry standard for decades, the composite chip's popularity ooker use has grown significantly in the past few years. While there is no tangible difference in the quality of a clay chip versus a casino grade composite chip, the lower cost gradr graphic capability of the composite chip has poer its popularity grow within the casinos worldwide.

NJ offers a "production line" chip to the public for the purpose of creating chiip affordable quality chip for the home user and is releasing a second more traditional "casino line" soon. There is a third type of chip available for the home user. This is a composite chip manufactured in China. These low cost, multi-colored chips are made of Casino chip grade poker injected plastic over a metal slug and are produced specifically for the inexperienced and novice market. Cleverly marketed as "the heaviest It is their metal core that makes them heavier than a casino grade product.

Their mass production makes them widely available throughout the world at sometimes extremely low prices. This doesn't make them better. This type of chip, casino chip grade poker never recommended over a casino grade product, may be appropriate for the occasional player. Whilst the clay chips and clay composite chips are generally more expensive often 3 to 4 times more I would suggest any regular poker player invest in a quality set as acquiring poker chips casino chip grade poker be a once in a lifetime purchase.

The cheaper Chinese chips are quite slippery, making them casio to create high stacks and perform some chip tricks. From pokdr experience casino grade quality clay or clay composite is the way to go! The usual set makeup is from chips and are casino chip grade poker from the following retailers.

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